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Ropeless Jump Rope

Looking for a new way to keep up with your fitness goals? check out our ropeleless jump rope exercise. This jump rope is adjustable to fit your height and body weight, making it perfect for training your body to work more efficiently. Our ropeleless jump rope is also adjustable in height so you can create a variety of workouts to keep your fitness goals specific.

Cordless Jump Rope

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Ropeless Jump Rope Reviews

This jump rope is perfect for speed fitness training! The weighted cordless skipping rope makes it easy to use and makes your training more efficient. this jump rope handle is made with a weighted cordless jump rope and is designed to allow you to practice jumping andements like a real man. The handle is great for fitness enthusiasts and those who want to improve their jumping skills. jumpsnap ropeless jump rope is a new, wireless, devices that allow you to train with the comfort of your own home. The jumpsnap ropeless jump rope is designed to be lightweight and smooth, making it perfect for speed fitness training. Allowing you to get started right away. to use the ropeless jump rope, you will need to remove the old rope. To do this, you will need to remove the 3 metal wires that local king canfullaz provide as part of the product. These are the black wire, the natural wire, and the brown wire. They are all easily removable with a straight edge, so you can just replace the black wire if you need to. Once all of the metal wires are gone, you can remove the jump rope from the box. Once you have removed the jump rope, there are some screws that need to be placed on top of the ropeless jump rope. These screws need to be places that are no higher than 2" above the top of the jump rope. Once these screws are placed, connect the end of the ropeless jump rope that is above the screws with the black wire. You can now use the jump rope.